Gift Registry and Wishlist Plugin for WooCommerce

Allow customers to create and add products to an unlimited number of Gift Registries, from birthdays to weddings and other occasions, NM Gift Registry is a wonderful addition to your WooCommerce store and supercharges your online business.

Some of Our Main Features

Single or Multiple Lists

Users have the ability to create a single list or as many lists as they want. Each list comes with full management features and separate profile data.

Advanced List Management

Users can set a title and description for individual lists, add featured and background images, add, edit, and delete items in their lists, set item desired quantity and priority, and much more.

All Product Types

Simple, variable and grouped products can be added to the lists with full information on their attributes and other properties.

Works Like WooCommerce

All the way from the functionality to the underlying design paradigm, NM Gift Registry has been designed like a core woocommerce module to match WooCommerce’s functionaltiy and hence provide a synchronized user experience. Spot the difference!

Cart, Checkout and Order

Add products to the cart directly from the list and see which list a product belongs to in the cart, checkout and order pages. Setup custom shipping addresses for each list and allow buyers to send messages to the list owner from the checkout page.

Advanced Item Tracking

Track how many items are in the list and how many have been purchased. Track their minimum and maximum purchase quantities and automatically adjust list item stock and purchase status upon order refund, and much more.

Robust Product Addition

Add products to the list from the archive or single product page and optionally set the product quantity or priority. Detect products already added to a list and the list they have been added to. Customize the add to list button.

Add to wishlist button

Intelligent Cart Processing

Add items from multiple lists to the same cart at the same time and even add the same item as a normal product. Update an item’s quantity in the cart from list without replacing the item. NM Gift Registry identifies and processes all these actions properly and efficiently.

Identify wishlist items in the cart

Granular List Control

Granular control of each list by the plugin allows it to be treated separately on the cart, checkout and order pages, including every WooCommerce page. Buyers can send separate messages to the owners of each list with items in the cart on the checkout page at the same time.

Items from multiple lists in checkout and order

Customizable List Table

Easily add and remove columns in the list table to make it exactly how you want for your gift registry or wishlist. Separate template files, action and filter hooks, also allow you to customize the content of each cell in the table.

Customizable items table

Happy Customers

NM Gift Registry

Stylish, Advanced and Customizable gift registry platform for building your online business.

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