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NM Gift Registry and Wishlist - Crowdfunding Pro

Allows wishlist items to be crowdfunded and enables wishlists to receive free contributions that can be transferred to any items. Enables the use of special coupons for wishlists.

Renewable yearly


The crowdfunding extension for NM Gift Registry and Wishlist gives wishlist owners the ability to crowdfund items added to their wishlists. Items are crowdfunded on a per item basis and a minimum contribution amount can be set for each item. The extension also allows free contributions which are not attached to particular items to be collected for the wishlist and used by the wishlist owner on any item he chooses.

With an inbuilt wallet, the extension also allows money received for the wishlist either through normal purchase, crowdfunding, or free contributions, to be saved for future use or transferred among wishlist items for their fulfillment. The extension contains inbuilt support for special coupons which can be used on only wishlist items and which can help towards the fulfillment of the crowdfund campaign.

Crowdfund Items Separately

Enable or disabled crowdfunding for items in a wishlist on a per item basis.

Transfer Contributions

Allows the money received for crowdfunded items or free contributions to be moved around the wishlist and used to fund other normal and crowdfunded items in the wishlist.

Save Contributions in Wallet

Provides a wallet where all contributions received can be optionally transferred to saved and used in the future on wishlist items.

Send Contribution Emails

Sends emails to wishlist owner when a crowdfund or free contribution is received or refunded.

Campaign Fulfillment Progress

Progress bar to view crowdfund fulfillment status of wishlist in a graphical form.

Set Minimum Contribution

Set a minimum contribution amount that should be given for a crowdfunded item or as a free contribution to the wishlist.

Create Wishlist Coupons

Allows the creation of coupons to be used specifically for items in a wishlist.

Enable Contribution Refunds

Gives the store manager the ability to refund customers their contributions.

Multiple Campaign Fulfillment Methods

Multiple flexible ways for the wishlist owner to fulfil his crowdfunding campaign according to the store manager’s setup.

WooCommerce Compatible

WooCommerce-like template system allowing plugin templates to be overridden by copying them to your theme.



This depends on the store manager. The wishlist plugin does not do anything to stop the wishlist from continuing to receive contributions after this time because every store is different. The store manager would decide how he wants to manage this situation and the plugin has all the tools to help him. 

Once an item has been completely crowdfunded you cannot receive any more contributions for it. This is simply rational as the point of crowdfunding an item is to be able to purchase it. However the wishlist owner can still receive free contributions to his wishlist because these are not attached to specific items.

Depending on how the wishlist owner has run his campaign, he may have some extra money left in the wallet after all his items have been fulfilled. Again the plugin does not do anything about this but leaves it to the store manager to decide how it is managed. As an example, the money can be converted to a coupon and used on other products. Via a simple developer modification, it can even be converted to a gift card and sent to another customer or kept for future use. 

This is completely possible and very straightforward but it would be done by a developer via code. The plugin has been designed to be highly customizable to be able to meet most of the needs of the store manager such as this.

If you have VAT or any tax applying to your products on the frontend, they would not apply to crowdfund or free contributions as these are not regarded as products. If you must collect VAT for a crowdfunded item, it should be done when the item is fulfilled at which point it has been completely purchased. This is something that is not built into the plugin at the moment due to the nuances of various stores and so it would require developer customization.

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